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Jemma Clamp

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Instagram: @jemmaclampart

Facebook: Jemma Clamp

SoundCloud: Jemma Clamp 

Tiktok: Jemma Clamp

YouTube: Jemma Clamp


Described as Abstract Surrealism, Jemma’s works reflect internal dystopias that are at once shared and personal. They enact the processing of situations within the mind and imagination, creating a story within each frame. The artworks in this selection range from ink to paint. 

Solo artist exhibitions include: Ideograms of the mind - Art Brutal; Tri Specter - Art is Art Gallery, Cape Town - 1rst to 30th April 2021; Creation Gallery, Cape Town - 1rst to 30th April 2022. 

Other works have been exhibited at Art Haus, Cape Town; Bokeh, Cape Town; Several cafes and restaurants, Cape Town. 

Jemma Clamp’s artworks were also printed on cushion covers, tablecloths and other articles for interior design, sold internationally with “Leche”, South Africa. 

Commission for Publications: Aerial 2018 - A collection of short poems published by the Institude for the Study of English in Africa; Rhodes University (provided the cover artwork and all original artwork within the publication)

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