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 Art Haus 7 Deadly Sins Exhibition in Collaboration with Youngblood 

Featuring a 7 Piece Collection by both JooJ & That’s Ash, introducing Dessi Di Mar 

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 The gulf between Sin & Virtue has historically been a Treasure Trove for Artists. 

The 7 Deadly Sins originate from a Roman Catholic theology & can be categorised into 3 Groups: The 1st is Physical, the 2nd is Emotions & finally, Mental. 

These sins are often thought to be Abuses or Excessive versions of one's natural Faculties or Passions. They examine the vices of human nature & the ramifications of tragedy. 


Many prominent artists throughout history have addressed this balance in their work, resulting in a vast visual range of Good versus Evil. 


Art Haus Sea Point tasked some of our artists to create a 7 Deadly Sins inspired work for this Youngblood Africa Collaboration… Both JooJ & That’s Ash jumped at the opportunity & each created a masterful 7-piece collection, while Dessi Di Mar produced these 2 unique works. 


Let’s Explore these Artist’s interpretation of their descent into sin… 

 JooJ | Windmills of the Mind: 7 Deadly Sins Collection 


A Capetonian Guinness World Record holding artist that works in a unique medium & loves film, reading & art history. JooJ paints, cuts & folds thousands of Origami Butterflies & glues them to perspex to tell his story. 

His Windmills of the Mind series further adds depth to his work by manipulating layers of Perspex to enhance the motion of the color ful butterflies in flight. 


JooJ chose to take an emotional route to encapsulate the Nine Circles of hell from Dante’s epic poem that inspired Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, a profound exploration of our Humanity & an allegory for man’s descent into sin. 


Translating these 7 sins into an Abstract & Emotional work of art. 

JooJ’s Windmills of the Mind: 7 Deadly Sins is a 7 Peace collection. 

View more art here 

 That’s Ash | Artist’s 7 Deadly Sins Statement  


My name is Ashley Algeria Ferreira otherwise known as That’s Ash, born & raised in the East of Johannesburg, I now call Cape Town my home. 

My art style is inspired by my favourite genre of art, which is POP Art. It has taught me that one can give everyday objects new meanings. My true passion blossomed when I created his own character, Bare Bear. From the first sketch, I knew it was the one. Bare Bear can capture every sense of feeling in any given moment. 

My 7 Deadly Sins collection takes Bare Bear on a descent into sin. 

  Introducing Dessi Di Mar  


 I want my art to bring Joy when you look at my pieces, add a little sex appeal, just a touch of temptation, because life is not complete without love... 

Is Loving yourself Vanity? 

Is being Greedy for the right reasons wrong?

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