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Colleen Bester

colleen bester.png

Instagram: @indiacb1

Facebook: CIB Art


Colleen Bester, born in 1975 in Cape Town, delved into acrylic painting as a means to stave off boredom during the lockdown period. The distraction soon turned into an all-consuming passion and the boredom turned into therapy. The self-taught artist uses the juxtaposition of light and dark and ugly and beautiful as a subject for most of her work, using everything around her as inspiration. Her past experiences and present mindset aims to evoke emotion or spark conversation. 

She is proactive in promoting her work and sold 2 paintings at her first group exhibition which galvanised her to approach more avenues and has since become a member of Art.B where she has been involved in workshops and exhibitions. 

She has also taken part in various First Thursday exhibitions in Cape Town, e.g. Kloof Street Hotel, Love is Burgers, House of Co, Fame Week Africa 2022 and has had a solo exhibition at Mullers Gallery after only a few periods of promoting her work. She uses acrylic and texture to convey her feelings onto canvas ad always explores new techniques and colours. 

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